Test Your English for Canada Immigration Purposes

As I have said in this article, IELTS reading and listening are mostly about your ability to understand simple and complex sentences. So you have to hone your reading and listening skills. In the listening test, you should be patient and listen to what the person is actually saying to understand them. Try to get what the person says and not what you think he is saying. Many people have this issue in real life and it will pose a challenge when you are attempting the IELTS listening exam.

Sometimes, intentionally, the speaker will be made to say something wrong and later correct himself. This is designed to see whether you actually allow people to finish what they are saying before you run with it. You should let the person complete their sentences because when you do, you have the opportunity of getting the new correction they make before you choose your answer.

Test Your English for Canada Immigration Purposes

For example, someone might be calling their office phone numbers for a friend they have not seen in a long time. Then they continue discussing afterward. They can make it such that the person who called the number remembers that he would be going on a vacation soon. Therefore he decides to give his friend his mobile number. Then he could say something like, “Oh! sorry, Fred, I won’t be at the office from next week. Please call me on this number”. Then he goes on to call this number out. The question may ask you which number did he say Fred should call him on? Note, no one is saying you shouldn’t write the first number down. In fact, it is good practice to do so. Write that down in case no second number would be called.

In the writing test, you should be wary of spelling mistakes. You should also avoid common mistakes with words that rhyme. For example, writing “their” instead of “there” (The man is only their as a witness instead of ...there as a witness). There are many words that rhyme like that. You should also avoid writing “Am” instead of “I am”. This is just like starting your statement with “was” instead of “I was”.¬† Don’t write “your” in place of “you are”. If you want to write the contraction of “you are”, it is “you’re” and not “your”.

Finally, you should try your hands out on these simple English test that may show you if you are ready for the IELTS. IELTS is one of the exams Canada’s IRCC accepts as proof of English language proficiency.

Test Your English for Canada Immigration Purposes:

  • Question of

    ___________ going to end up a beggar if you don’t go to school or learn a trade.

    • Your
    • You are
    • You
  • Question of

    The headmaster got a salary raise because every student ______________

    • likes the new teachers he hired
    • liking the new teachers he hired
  • Question of

    Now that the wicked manager is gone, I look forward _________________

    • to meeting the new manager
    • to meet the new manager
  • Question of

    If you let them use the new office, there would be ___________________

    • less people here tomorrow.
    • more less people here tomorrow.
    • fewer people here tomorrow.
  • Question of

    Just around the corner _____________________

    • are beautiful bakery and supermarket.
    • is a beautiful bakery and a supermarket.
    • are a beautiful bakery and a supermarket.
  • Question of

    Our army of one hundred thousand soldiers _____________________

    • are attacking the enemy.
    • is attacking the enemy.
  • Question of

    Armed robbers gained entrance via the main door and some money __________

    • was stolen.
    • were stolen.
  • Question of

    I cannot remember everything in the locker but I know that some documents _______________

    • were taken.
    • was taken.
  • Question of

    I can wear the camouflage shirt because _______________

    • am a Soldier.
    • I am a Soldier
  • Question of

    Neither the coach not the players _______________

    • is going to the beach.
    • are going to the beach.


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