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High Paying Jobs in Canada That Do Not Require a University Degree

Possibly you graduated from high school and didn’t have an opportunity to head to college or university. You’re looking around you as well as lots of those individuals that took place to college are currently making respectable cash in Canada.

Here are High Paying Jobs in Canada That Do Not Require a University Degree:

High Paying Jobs in Canada That Do Not Require a University Degree

1. Transportation Motorist:

Various regions differ, but generally all one demands is a senior high school diploma, non-probationary motorist’s certificate that’s in excellent standing without any suspensions and can meet all the requirements for a Class “C” permit.

Salary scope: $31,968 – $72,264.

2. Land Surveyor:

Entry-level tasks begin decently, but once you get your specialist permit, you can average regarding $65K annually. With time, nonetheless, a six-figure income could be yours. RECOMMENDED: Can You Move to Canada with No Money?

Salary scope: $38,075 – $108,568.

3. Air traffic Controller:

Air traffic Controller

Needs: A high school diploma, a standard radio telephone driver’s license, conclusion of a NAV Canada training program, as well as an air traffic controllers permit. That being said, it is just one of the most high-stress tasks around, however the perks and great benefits make it fairly tempting.

Salary scope: $47,344 – $169,911.

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4. Internet Programmer:

Many developers and also programmers have a gift, so while some firms may require a degree, others will wish to see your talent and just how excellent you in fact are.

Salary scope: $32,700 – $75,114.

5. Real Estate Agent:

Similar to any work in sales, you need to be tenacious as heck, but a whole lot can additionally depend upon the real estate market itself. That being said, to come to be a real estate agent, you merely require a high school diploma, a real estate training program as well as a license to offer yet with millennials opting to stay in expensive cities, you’ll be simply fine.

Salary scope: $25,434 – $178,000.

6. Garbage Truck Driver:

Garbage Truck Driver

A lot of business search for motorists with a DZ permit and also great communication abilities, and your per hour price ($ 15.24 – $25.06) relies on experience.

Salary scope: $31,779 – $61,264.

7. Plumbing Technician:

A secondary school diploma plus a four-to-five-year apprenticeship is generally called for. A lot of provinces require trade certification, but Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, the Yukon as well as the Northwest Territories don’t. But, hello, every little helps.

Salary scope: $33,308 – $86,932.

8. Fireman:


A secondary school diploma and also a qualification in emergency treatment and also CPR (at a healthcare service provider degree) are required, along with no criminal history, have an outstanding understanding of the English language as well as the capability to communicate plainly in high-pressure situations. You also have to be OK with it being among the worst work for your wellness.

Salary scope: $38,388 – $100,688.

9. Stenotype Reporter:

A degree isn’t called for yet a two-year court-reporting program, at one of two colleges in Canada– one in Toronto, the other in Alberta — is. And also the needs are no joke: you need to be able to kind at a speed of a minimum of 225 words per minute with near-perfect accuracy. On a steno machine.

Salary scope: $42,484 – $77,068.

10. Building Manager:

While a bachelor’s level is needed by some business, lots of only want on-the-job experience for maintaining everything on the up and up on the procedures level of a building job.

Salary scope: $55,164 – $162,078.

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11. Welder:

A senior high school diploma, accreditation if the company requires it. Jobs in this field at this degree constantly seem to be limited, making welders among the greatest paying in-demand jobs in Canada, and also they’re usually situated in western Canada or the regions so if you’re not there, prepare to move.

High Paying Jobs in Canada That Do Not Require a University Degree

Salary scope: $33,877 – $85,602.

12. Atomic Power Plant Operator:

Besides a secondary school diploma, drivers need a three-to-five-year power system procedure apprenticeship under their belt, in addition to three-plus years of work experience in an associated field.

Power station operators need a territorial or rural power engineering or fixed engineering certificate, according to class, while control area drivers at nuclear power plants need licensing from the Canadian Nuclear Security Payment.

Salary scope: $41,879 – $206,605.

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