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Surefire Way to Get a Job in Dubai from your Country

Have you ever wondered how those guys from your country got their job in Dubai? Well, you are not alone in this. There are many people who could only see their friends working in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on Social Media. They only see them showing luxury lifestyles and beautiful environments on Snapchat and Instagram. You too can get a job in Dubai while still in your country. After you secure this job, you can then travel to the UAE to work.

This article will show you how to find a job in Dubai. Note that there are many approaches to this and I will share all of them with you. However, I am only going to give you the link to the one that you can do by yourself. It requires no payment to anybody as it is absolutely free.

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Way to Get a Job in Dubai

Different Ways by Which People Get Jobs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If you travel to Dubai to spend some time, you may be able to get a job yourself. However, this is not guaranteed since you would only start looking for a job after settling down there. Hence, if you have a 6-month visa for example, you have little time to search for a job. Also, your visa type must allow you to work in Dubai. Now you can see all the variables, right?

In light of these facts, there are two paths that you can use to get a job in Dubai that I know. I will explain the two options in details but I would only advise you to use the second path.

Agencies that help to get Jobs in Dubai

This is not only applicable to Dubai, the whole Gulf region has agents who take you from your country to go and work. However, there has been plenty of bad news coming from people who follow these agents to go and work. This is why I would not discuss this and how you can find agents.

It usually involves releasing your passport to the agents who got the job for you. They take their own money by taking cuts from your wages. In fact, more often than not, your employers would pay to your agency and you would only get your salary after they have taken their shares.

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I did a bit of research on this and I found out that people who fall, victims of these terrible acts, are desperate or illiterate or both. This class of people ends up becoming house helps and cooks. They are usually maltreated by their owners and sometimes shipped off as slaves when they are no longer needed. Anyone who is educated enough to read and write can find a job in Dubai while sitting in the comfort of their homes. That brings us to path two.

Surefire Way to Get a Job in Dubai from your Country

Use Dubai (Gulf Region) Search Portals

There are a number of reputed job search portal that post job openings at organizations in Dubai, the whole of UAE and the Gulf region. All you need to do is go to the website and search for the type of jobs you want and bingo, a list of openings will show on your screen.

Have you ever searched for a job in your country? Well, it is as simple as that.

To start, go to the most popular ones that even I know people who have gotten jobs through it. It is called NaukriGulf and you can access it by going to

Under the ‘Jobs By Location” section, click on UAE. The search bar below “Enter Keywords” allows you to enter any term at all about your job desire. It could be something like “front-end developers in Dubai” or “English teacher”. You can further narrow down your search by using the filters at the top and left-hand side of the website.

We wish you the very best as you search for a job in a greener pasture.

We will add more websites as soon as we get other reliable ones.

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