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Visa for Going to Germany to Look for a Job

Do you know that there is a class of Visa that allows you to go to Germany to look for a job? This means that when you get this Visa, you can travel to Germany and stay there for the purpose of looking for a job. You can also end up getting the EU Blue Card if you play your cards right. Although you can only stay there for a maximum of 6 months, there are many things people have accomplished with this German Visa category.

This Visa is called the Long Term Visa in Germany and in this post, I will explain it in details. I will share with you how to apply for the Visa, the requirements, and how to package your application. I have a number of friends who initially traveled to Germany on this Visa but now have the EU Blue Card. This means they can now live and work anywhere in Europe. Doesn’t that sound nice? I thought so too.

At this point, I should let you know that the German Long Term Visa is not for job-seekers only. In fact, it is meant for any Non-EU and non-EEA nationals who want to stay in Germany for more than 3 months for various reasons. Legitimate reasons include job search, studying, research,, and family reunion. If you have the nationality of EU / EEA / EFTA countries, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of South Korea, and the United States of America, you don’t need to go through this process of applying for long-term visa.

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Visa for Going to Germany to Look for a Job

Lon Term Visa for Job-Seekers to Go to Germany

As I have said earlier, the Long Term Visa is not just for job-seekers alone. However, that is basically what we will be discussing in this article. That is, how to get the German job-seeker to go live and find a job in Germany.

When you get the Visa, you have a maximum of 6 months to stay in Germany to look for a job. You are even allowed to actually work on a trial or contract basis if the employer decides that they want to see if you would be a good fit. If you get a permanent contract, you can change the long term visa to an EU Blue Card or a Residence Permit in Germany.

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Documents Required for German Long Term Visa for Job Seekers

The process is a bit different from when you are applying for a student visa or Schengen Visa. You need the following documents to get the job-seeker visa application approved.

  1. The Germany National Visa application form: You need to fill out this form in at least duplicates. Download this form and fill it in block letters. Note that the form may vary depending on the country you are downloading it from. Finally, make sure you fill in only accurate and complete information to make the process smooth. You can download the form here.
  2. Just like applying for the German Student Visa, you need to show proof of funds. This is the money that you will spend on housing and other things while you are searching for a job in Germany. You are expected to possess 853€ per month to the German Embassy or Consulate for the period you will be staying in Germany. Multiply the figure above by 6 months.
  3. Evidence of Booked / Confirmed Flight Itinerary: You have to show proofs that you have booked return flight tickets that shows your departure and return date. This likely shows the intention that you have a date you want to come back and you truly want to come back. For this step, make you sure to only purchase a refundable flight ticket. This way, if you don’t get the Visa, you can get back your money. You should also book your accommodation this way.
  4. Accommodation: You need to also book a hostel or hotel accommodation ahead to show that you have a place to live when you get to Germany. You can also state that you want to live with a friend or relative because it is acceptable. However, you need to present a copy of their ID and Passport as well as proof that they are willing to support you in this regard.
  5. Proof of work experience: If you claim to be employed, you have to show evidence of that. A letter from your employer that confirms that you work with them in the stated capacity would suffice. If you are self-employed, you have to submit official documents that confirm you own the business.
  6. Proof of civil status: For example, your birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children and any other relevant one.

How to Apply as a Job Seeker for a German Long Stay Visa

There are a number of steps you need to take in order to complete your application for the German Long Stay visa. Below are the outline of those steps. You have to be careful during this steps as they may make or mar your application.

Prepare your Application for Long-Stay Visa

The term is also used in place of Long Term Visa, so, do not worry. Get the form that I linked to earlier in the article by downloading it to your device. Next, fill the document honestly and accurately because the information may be verified.

Submit any documents as you are asked to. For example, if the embassy asks you to submit the original copies of some documents, please do exactly that.

Work in Germany with Long Stay Visa

Book and Appointment to Submit your Application

The appointment booking portal for each country is different, so you can easily google to get the link for the one your country uses. Note that this is an appointment to submit your documents for a German VISA and not the visa interview itself. However, I advise that you take is as serious as you would a Visa interview. Booking an appointment is important. If you don’t do that, you would not be allowed to enter the Embassy premises.

Appear for the Appointment

Be punctual to the Embassy on the day of the appointment. It is advisable to get there latest 30 minutes before your appointment time. This is because they will often call you to come inside the embassy before the scheduled time. They do not tolerate late-coming. It should not take more than 10 minutes to complete your documents’ verification.

After your application has been verified, they will enter your information into a computer system. You will then receive a print copy of your application. Ensure that your details are correct before you sign the form.

You will then pay the German visa fee. After you do that, they will issue you a receipt. Please keep this for the purpose of collecting your processed application.

Collection of Biometric Data

After you complete your application, they will collect your biometrics. This is something that usually takes between 10-15 minutes tops. This steps completes your application process. At this point, the German embassy or consulate will start processing your application for the long term visa.

Application Result

The time it takes to process your application generally depends on your country and time of the year. For example, if you apply during the period when students are also applying for students visa, it will take longer to process your application. Generally, the processing time may take somewhere between weeks to several months.

You will receive an outcome that tells you whether they have granted you the Visa or not.

Finally, if you have any questions, please ask in the comment section. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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