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How to Correctly Answer Common Visa Interview Questions

Just so you know, apart from the document required to clear visa interview, it also important to correctly respond to every visa interview question.

During the visa interview, you will be questioned on the information provided by you in visa application. There are other questions too on a personal level as well as a diplomatic one.

How to Answer Common Visa Interview Questions Correctly

The officers just want to gather most of the information about the applicant’s condition. They want to be sure that the applicant will go home within the expiration date of the visa and will certainly not do any illegal activities within the country.

Visa Interview

 So, here are some ideas listed below to correctly answer common visa interview questions:

1. English:

Expect that the interview will definitely be conducted in English and also not in your indigenous foreign language. One tip is actually to exercise English discussion along with an indigenous sound speaker just before the interview. Be readied to describe how English will definitely be actually valuable for you in your home country.

2. Know your Course and also Exactly How It helps Your Occupation Planning:

If you are not able to prove that you will actually join your course or cannot prove your actual reason for visit, then you may certainly not do well in persuading the officer that you have actually good mind-set and will not do any illegal activity.

3. Be actually Concise:

As a result of the quantity of requests that are actually obtained, all officers have a limited time period to interview you. They have to choose, mostly, on the feelings they form during the initial moment or more of the interview. What you claim initial and the preliminary opinion you create are actually vital to your results. Maintain your response to the officer’s concerns quickly as well as relevant.

4. Certainly not All Nations Are Equal:

Applicants coming from nations going through financial complications or from nations where lots of students have continued to as immigrants will definitely have a lot more problems getting visas. Statistically, applicants coming from those nations are more probable to be inquired about project options at home after their study.

5. Employment:

Your major purpose in involving the country should be actually to go to school and not for the opportunity to work before or even after college graduation. While lots of trainees do work off-campus throughout their researches, such a job is incidental to their major reason for completing their education.

You have to manage to precisely express your plan to come back to your country at the end of your course. If asked, be prepped to address what your significant other plans to do with his or her opportunity. Volunteer work and joining college part-time are actually allowed tasks.

6. Family Staying at your home country:

If your significant other and children are staying backing in your nation, be actually prepped to resolve exactly how they will certainly sustain on their own in your absence. And give every detail information about your family. This can be a particularly difficult question to answer if you are actually the main livelihood for your household.

If the visa officer gets the feeling that your loved ones will definitely require you to send them money in order to sustain themselves, your visa application will definitely possibly be actually rejected. If your family does choose to join you at a later time, it is actually helpful to make all of them apply at the same place where you requested your visa.

7. Speak for Yourself:

Do not take your family to your visa interview. The officer doesn’t want to interview your family as he only wants you to interact with you and it will also distract you in your interview session. if you are not an adult and applying for a senior high school, then you may need to go with your mom and dad. In case of any question regarding funding comes, then your parents can answer them.

8. Keep a Good Perspective:

In any way do not indulge in a debate with the officer and do not argue with him, if your visa gets rejected, talk to the officer and try to get feedback on your interview and as well as make an effort to receive the explanation on why your application got rejected.


My personal tip to you is, to be PREPARED as well as NEVER LIE! These officers are taught to know if you are lying, therefore regularly possess the very best objectives if you are actually visiting the country. Our experts desire you to have very clear records so you can easily take a trip to any country in the world without encountering any challenges.

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